1973 Ford Mustang

1973 Ford Mustang
From USD $330.00
  • Location: Monterey, CA
  • Product code: 73MUSTANG

You might have noticed we have a thing for classic Mustangs here at MTV and since you’re reading this you probably do too! Released just before the fuel crisis of the 70’s changed the face of the automotive industry, this final model of the first-generation Mustangs watched as the sun set on the era of iconic American muscle cars.

Speaking of sunsets, this gorgeous convertible is the perfect ride to relive simpler times along our Monterey coastline. A smooth white interior matches the pinstripes on the bold red paint job, and the squared off trim screams early 70’s style. Enjoy the sounds and sensations of a bygone era with the 302 V8 engine rumbling under the hood as you cruise along in this timeless classic.