1964 Ford Thunderbird

1964 Ford Thunderbird
부터 USD US$440.00
  • 위치: Monterey, CA
  • 상품 코드: 64TBird

It’s hard to contain our excitement for this 1964 Ford Thunderbird – what is it? Is it the sparkling light blue paint? The creamy white vinyl interior? Maybe it’s the robust steering wheel and gauge cluster? The answer is All of Thee Above!

We welcomed this new T-Bird to the fleet with open arms, and it’s ready for our fair-weather driving weekdays and weekends alike. With a twist of the ignition, a pull of the steering column, push on the gas and away you go!

If there was ever a car perfect for a double date – this is it. Comfortable and stylish with plenty of room for four, this is such a great excuse to get out of the house with your besties for a ride of a lifetime.