1949 Willy's Overland Jeepster

1949 Willy's Overland Jeepster
From USD $330.00
  • Location: Monterey, CA
  • Product code: 49Willys

Please note: This vehicle is meant for "town" driving, and may not exceed 55mph. Route must be approved by MTV, and comprehensive driver training required

Nothing screams parade like this beautiful yellow Jeepster! We love looking at this Overland by Willy's every time we see it in the warehouse. Full of color, chrome and character, this open-top Overland is everything you want when parading down Main Street. Take that classic bake-a-lite style steering wheel in your hands and feel the flat-six-cylinder engine in front of you. Like most old Jeeps, these are slow moving high torque vehicles meant to get you out of difficult terrain. This Overland is no exception. Paired to a three-speed manual transmission with overdrive, the Willy is great for around town jaunts and leisurely cruises. Book in advance for your important day – graduation, wedding or celebration!